Safer and more effective cancer treatment

Cancer and cancer research today

Whoever you are, wherever you are in life one thing is certain – you have been affected by cancer in some way. Cancer affects us all. It just is that kind of nauseous disease that no one can protect themselves from entirely. It may not be you or anyone in your closest circle that has been or is sick with cancer but everyone knows someone or has heard of someone that is sick or has been sick with cancer. It is impossible to escape from. However cancer is not impossible to treat and the chances of surviving cancer is increasing by every day. Finding and developing treatments for cancer is one of our biggest challenges in modern society and one of few things that all people worldwide agree on. However we far too rarely hear of progress in the search of new and more effective methods of treating cancer and it sure is sickening – how can something that all people want to improve be progressing so slowly? Is there really no faster progress to be made?

Software engineering and effective planning

Thankfully the treatment of cancer seems to be taking large steps forward thanks to the massive investment made by the company RaySearch Laboratories. The company is specified in software engineering of cancer treatment methods. RaySearch Laboratories are developing a secure and adaptive program for cancer treatment planning and their vision is that each patient will have an easy and understandable plan for their treatments that is easy to follow up for each doctor and nurse. 

Safer treatment by reducing the OAR dose

RaySearch Laboratories means that software has unlimited potential and that they intend to bring scientific advancements faster to the clinical world. The software engineering in the development of better and safer treatments for cancer is also incredibly important in order to develop and improve the radiation therapy that we have today. RaySearch Laboratories are improving the radiation therapy in order to make the treatment safer and decrease the massive risk of side effects that radiation therapy includes. They are focusing on limiting the area exposed to the radiation which is an extremely important progress. 

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