Cancer treatment

Treating Cancer

Cancer has for many years been one of the biggest fights in the medical world. During earlier years there was not much to do. We did not have the technology to do much and since the invention of radiation technologies and the treatments with these we have come a long way. It is not only electron beam therapy and such that is the only way of treating cancer any more. The key to winning the fight against cancer is still innovation the deadliness of some forms of cancer are still very high and the needs for funding and a deep focus on finding new methods is still of great importance. And as a result of all the research done throughout the years we have seen several new and innovative methods and therapies in treating cancer. Among them we find adaptive therapy which is a form of chemotherapy where the medical dosages are changed during the treatment to cure the illness. We also se tomotherapy which is a method that focuses in on the specific area of the cancer and generally is considered more of a healthy method of treatment.

Other innovations

There is not only in the general treatments we see great innovation but also in regards to software and surrounding aperture that´s needed in treating this disease. Technical advancements like automated planning and 3D-CRT has also helped a great deal during the years. But we need more. We need more and better forms of treatment specialized on different forms of cancer. We need better solutions for nurses to help explain to patients and families what’s going on and how the treatment is responding. Every part of the process can and should be developed to further the chances of every patient falling ill even more. The hope is that we one day can treat every form of the illness.

Cancer the disease of our lifetime

Almost everyone knows someone who got cancer. Of course most survive but many does not. Considering how many people fall ill. Around 350-400 people out of a hundred thousand in the western world with Australia topping the charts with among 500 out of a hundred thousand when it comes to the male population of the nation. The most common forms are the ones that is linked to the respective genders. Prostate canser and breast cancer which is why these get so much attention in daily life. These are also among the deadlier ones in terms of numbers since more people get them than other forms. We also se lung cancer and colon cancer amongst the more deadlier forms. Even though about 70% of everyone that got cancer in the last couple of years were predicted to live for ten years or more when they got the disease that number can and should go up! For that we need to focus more time, energy, money and resources on developing new and better cures than we already got. This is why the normal society and their contribution and donations to organisations focusing on finding better cures are so important. They really help in funding a lot of research. Research that inte turn can generate new cures.

Types of cures

During the years we have seen many advancements in curing cancer. And almost everyone of these has in some way been helped by donations from normal people. Be it adaptive therapy or tomotherapy. It is the reason most common therapies, like electron beam therapy, could be developed more rapid than was initially thought. We also se how other adjacent technologies are evolving. Such as VMAT or multicriteria optimization. All thanks to ordinary people like you and me chipping in to support our common goal to eradicate cancer for ever.