Medical research for the future

Healthy people easily forget the pain and the anxiety of being sick implies, when it comes in form of cancer most people can relate to it in some form but the ones that hasn’t been through the treatment will probably never fully understand how much impact each step has in terms of advance cancer treatment. Both in the aspects of each and individual patient to the doctors planning the cancer treatment the modern science is on a good path the both make it easier for everyone involved to create a better and more secure way to health.

Cancer Treatment Planning

Software has become a center part of the treatment planning regardless the form of curing the cancer, with radiation the better och refined form of only affect the right spot with the right amount of time will help thousands and thousands of patient to a better and a more secure path to get better. Automated planning improve patient outcome and access to care.

RaySearch Laboratories

For over a decade RaySearch has focused on advancing cancer treatment, with revolutionized treatment systems each patient and doctor increases the possibility to a better and healthier path back to a cancer free life.