Cancer truly is a nasty disease

There are a lot of nasty and unfair things in this world, unfortunately. The number of things are somewhat innumerable, and cancer is doubtlessly one of these things. Cancer is not only an unspeakingly nasty disease, it also a disease that has or will affect the grand majority of our population in some way – whether it is on a personal level or by being close to someone affected. Cancer is also an incredibly unfair disease, and has absolutely no mercy. Ones lifestyle choices can absolutely affect the risk of getting sick, but it can never reassure anything. Someone that has never touched a cigarette can suffer from lung cancer, as well as someone that smokes a pack of cigarette per day can live a life free from cancer. In the same way cancer does not particularly care whether you are 75 years old or 5 years old. 

How is cancer usually discovered?

An unspeakingly large amount of histories about cancer starts with how they discovered cancer by an accident. How the affected peoples lives were turned upside down from one day to the another when they finally were examined properly and got the diagnosis. It can seem so incredibly strange how people can live a happy life fully unaware of the cancer growing inside of them or their child. The stories usually starts with some kind of symptoms, such as an unusual pain in the stomach or in the leg, that will later turn out to be caused by cancer, and not at all some ordinary pain that goes away.


Finally there is new, and modern technology

Although cancer is one of the diseases that affects a grand majority of the worlds population in some aspect, the treatment has not made enough progress the last couple of years. Finally there is new technology, thanks to RaySearch. A grand part of the technology is based on Automated planning, and Machine learning planning. The course of the treatment is then properly monitored and adapted by the technology Machine learning adaptive radiation therapy.